"Bailey",  from the Stoney x Rainey 4-22-09 litter.

Just wanted to give you an update on Bailey.

She is 61 lbs now and doing great.  We are working through force fetch and
it has gone very smooth.  We are now on stick fetch and so far so good. I
could not be happier with how is has been progressing, considering I have
not involved a pro yet.  I am joining a retriever club and think I will get with a
pro soon, just to see how they think we are doing.

Attached are a few pics.

  Also from the Lexie x Riley litter on 3-7-10:

Hi Kim,

The pups are doing good, potty training and adjusting are going well also.    My
son's pup comes over to our house Monday-Friday during the day (day care)
and they are full of energy! They both love going for walks now that it is nice
out.  At their 9 week visit to the vet, Macy was 15 lbs and Maggie was 15.8
lbs.  They go again next week and now they are looking like they have grown
quite a bit again.  The attached pictures are Macy(dark pink) on the left and
Maggie (yellow) on the right.
Thanks for great pups.
John, Jeannie, and Eric B.
also had Radar, who was Lexie's full brother from her parents very first
litter years ago.


Hey Kim,

Just wanted to give you an update on how Beneli is doing. At 14weeks she
is potty trained, knows the down, stay, heel, fetch em up, place(for platform
training) commands. She is doing very well! She just had her second shots
last Wednesday and she is 24.6 pounds. She is very tall and she is starting
to lose her puppy fur.

I just received her certified pedigree today! Her papered name
is:RAINMAKERS FETCHING FANATIC "BENELI" We call her Neli for short!

We started platform training on Monday and I cant believe how well she is
doing so far. I actually can use hand signals for the left and right place
consistantly. Cant wait until it gets a little dryer outside so I can place the
platforms farther apart because I think she is ready for that next step!

As her name implys, she is a fetching fanatic! Just like Radar was! We go
walking in the woods everyday to get her curiosity fix. Well thatnks again
for the great PUP!! I will send more pics along the way!

Thanks again,
Chili pups go home!
"Lars", Lars Chilian with
Rainmaker, with mom Chili (and
me), ready to head home with
his fancy new collar.

Hi Kim,
I had to send you this picture and let you know that Kira and I had a great morning pheasant hunting yesterday
morning. We went to our local game farm and requested they release 6 birds for us. The weather was great and
we ran into a few extra scratch birds. We ended up seeing 10 birds and bagged 7 of them. Actually, Kira found a
dead rooster before I even got the gun out of the truck. It was still semi-warm and must have been lost by
hunters hunting before us. One rooster in the truck before we even started! We hunted pretty hard and Kira did
really well. A rooster flew into our hunt area from another field and must have been wounded as once it landed it
couldn't seem to fly again. Kira ran that one down and brought it back to me. The last rooster harvested I
wounded and had seen it land on the boundry of our field. This one too she ran down and caught, saving me extra
shells. I continue to be so pleased with her and how well she is hunting and just performing overall. I can see the
puppy stages starting to go away and the maturity of a good dog starting to show even more. We were up north
ice fishing last weekend and she had fun running around on the various lakes and finding dead fish. She amazes
me that she can smell and find dead fish buried a foot or more under the snow. She has such a good nose! If only
I could get her to stop eating those dead fish as her breath isn't quite as good as her nose. :)

Gary B.
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While his 3 siblings wait to fly out on April
3rd, the last of this fun bunch!
Grandpup Ruger is visiting while his
family goes to Florida on vacation. He is
happy to be playing with some of the
other dogs but definitely misses his
family! He is Lexie's son, Hudson's
grandson and lives with our daughter
and her family in Holmen, WI.
Hi Kim,

Sunny was amazingly well-behaved on the flight.  I spent about an hour and
a half playing with her before we took off, so she slept the entire time we
were on the plane!  What an angel.  Oh, and Delta was fabulous: they let her
sleep on a chair (out of her bag) while we were waiting at the gate and
cleared the seat on the plane next to me for her.  She was able to ride next
to me (in her bag, but with the top open) the entire flight - take-off and
landing too - I never once had to put her bag on the floor.  

She's settling into the household wonderfully, and has become best friends
with our 4 year old male (we have been calling him Mr. Mom).  I'm amazed
to say that she can already sit, lay down, and fetch (though treats are
definitely her motivation - for now).  We're working on potty training, and
she's done quite well with always going right away when she gets outside.  
Though we've had a couple of accidents inside, I'm sure that will stop over
time.  She has had 0 overnight accidents in her crate though, absolutely

Well, I've attached a few pics for you to enjoy.  I sure am looking forward to
her "weigh-in" at her first vet appointment on Friday!

Thanks for a great pup,