Cosmo's Ebony Bella Star, MH
(FC AFC Dare to Dream x Triple Crown Daisy, MH, QAA)

Bella's pedigree is among the finest in the country.  Her sire, FC
AFC Dare to Dream, "Cosmo", has sired many FC/AFC offspring as
well as numerous Qualified All Age and Hunt Test titled pups,
including the '98 and '01 National Derby Champions. Both of
Cosmo's parents, Harley and Aggie, have records and titles that
speak for themselves. Cosmo also has 5 FC/AFC titled siblings.
Bella's dam is a Master Hunter, Qualified All Age daughter of FC
AFC Hilltops Hayseed, "Bubba".  Bubba has sired many Field Trial
and Hunt Test titled offspring, including the '04 National Field
Champion Dewey's Drake of Moon River. Bubba is full littermate to
'02 NFC AFC Cashman's Fat Lady Zingin. She has a proud
pedigree indeed.

Bella joined us from Kansas City on January 13th, 2005.  She
became an instant part of our family as she is such a sweet,
mellow girl and gets along with everyone. Bella is very obedient, a
deliberate, patient working dog who will use her wonderful nose to
track down a bird regardless of how long it takes. Despite her
sire's reputation, Bella is not at all vocal, except for barking at
people who get close to the van at HT. She hasn't broken at a test
yet, though she can give me heart palpitations on the honor as she
will stand up and sometimes takes a step or two, she can't get
enough birds!

Bella was born on 4-8-02, is OFA good , CERF normal, CNM clear,
EIC carrier. She is a heavier bodied Lab with a heavy, thick coat
and short thick tail. Very expressive dark eyes in a sweet face. She
weighs 70 lbs in field condition and is yellow factored.