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Contact Information:
Kim Pfister
W720 County Hwy A
Stone Lake, WI  54876

All litters whelped at Rainmaker Labs are owned by me and
under my control and supervision,
State of Wisconsin. License No. 267973-DS
All of my puppies are bred and sold as working dogs.

2015 Results (dogs bred and/or owned by Rainmaker)

Cyndie Hammett's Jersey Girl (Wager x Temper) earned 2 SH passes on 10/4 and 10/10 in CA.

Chris Smith's "Fire" finished her SH title on 9/26 in Tulsa.

Ransom earned RJ in 48 dog Qualifying at Watopa on 9/18.

Jig passed the SH at Backwater's HT on 9/13.

Mila, Dyna and Wager passed the Southern MN MH held Labor Day weekend, which finished Mila and Dyna's MH titles, both are
now MH/QAA!!!  All were handled by Lauren Springer.  Fire also passed the SH, handled by Rusty Haglund.

Stillwater Hook, Line & Sinker "Jig"  finished his JH at Michigan Flyways and is moving up to SH next month.

MIla earned MH pass #4 and Fire earned another SH pass at Northern Flight HT.  Pria earned a JAM at the Blackhawk O/H Qual.

Mike Vaughn's Winnie, MH, passed the MH at Island View 8/15.  Chris Smith's Fire passed the SH at West Central. Dyna, handled
by Lauren Springer, earned her 5th MH pass at West Central.

Dyna, Wager and Maggie all passed the MH at Hennepin Amateur Retriever Club HT on 8/7. FC AFC Ruger Jammed both the Open
and Am at Centennial.

Tim Fox & Sarge ran and passed their first SH test at Hennepin.   Patti and Pearl earned Pearl's third JH pass.

Chasing the Rainmaker, "Jake" ( Cooper/Sugar, sibling to Winnie, MH) earned his 2nd SH pass in CT with owner Chuck Poat.

Rainmaker's Ketchican, "Ketch", owned by John Montenieri, earned  a JAM in the Qual at Fort Collins, 8/1.  Ketch is Bounce's
brother, FC AFC Small Craft Advisory x Rainy, MH.

Dyna and Maggie passed the Master at Duluth, handled by me, while Mila passed the Master at Watopa, handled by Lauren
Springer, 7/31 & 8/1.

Back Forty Pearl Don't Care, CD, "Pearl",  (Stoney x Maggie) made her HT debut with owner Patti Pollack and passed the Junior
both days at Duluth, 8/1 & 8/2.

FC AFC Ruger earned RJ at Colorado Women's, 7/25.

Mila, SH/QAA, earned her 2nd Master pass, handled by Lauren Springer, owned by Wendi Mattinen.

Storm completed her Master Title with her 5th pass at West Allis on 7/18, BIG congratulations to Barb & Cecil Brown!!!

Barb & Cecil Brown's "Storm", earned her 4th MH pass at Fox Valley on 7/11.

Back Forty Pearl Don't Care, "Pearl", owned/handled by Patti Pollack, passed her Novice test all three days at the Twin Ports
Dog Training Club Obedience trials to earn her CD Title (Companion Dog).  She placed second on Fri. with a score of 192 out of
200, third place on Sat. at 193 ½ , and qualified on Sun. with a 191. Pearl is Stoney x Maggie daughter.

Our newest addition, Dyna, became Qualified All Age on 7/10 and also earned a MH pass at Blackhawk Retriver Club on 7/10.

Rainmaker's Mystic Mila, SH/QAA, passed her first MH on 7/10, owned by Wendi Mattinen, handled by Lauren Springer.

Rainmaker's Lady A, "Ava", ran and Jammed her first Derby on 6/28, with me. She is FC AFC Wet Willie x Ragin' River Roxx, QAA.

Jim Manson's "Jig" passed his 2nd and 3rd JH tests on 6/27.

LastFrontier's Snapshot of Autumn, "Maple", passed her first two JH tests in AK on 6/12 & 13. She is FC AFC Snapper x Temper,
MH, owned/handled by Sherri & Jim Young.

Ransom WON the O/H Qualifying at Northern Flight on 5/29, so he joins Wager as being one of the QAA boys!

Wager was one of 12 dogs that passed the 43 dog MH at Northern Flight HT on 5/30.

FC AFC Sagon Blackhawk Shot in the Dark, "Ruger", got 4th place in the Am at Cheyenne on 5/29.

Stillwater's Hook, Line and Sinker, "Jig", (Berkely x Maggie) earned his first JH pass on 5/29, congrats to Sam Melish and Jim

Rainmaker's Lambeau Storm, SH, earned MH pass #3 on 5/30, congrats to the Browns!

Rainmaker's Topshot Remington, JH, (FC Lucky x Streak) earned her 3rd SH pass on 5/30. Congrats to owners Pam & Joel!

Rainmaker's Foxy Beauty, JH "Pria", (Rooster x Chili) owned/handled by Larry Freidig, got 4th place at WisAM O/H Qual on 5/24.
Larry's first Field Trial ribbon!

Rainmaker's Lambeau Storm, SH, (Riley x Keegan) earned her 2nd MH pass at Manitowoc on 5/15.  Congrats to the Browns!

Journey finished his JH on 4/24 and will be moving up to SH soon. His dam Winnie passed her 4th MH for the season.

Journey completed JH passes number 2 & 3 weekend of 2/21 in TX.  Mike's Winnie, MH, (Cooper x Sugar) has passed her first
three MH of the season so far.

Cyndie Hammett's Jersey (Wager x Temper) finished her JH on 2/14 in CA.

Mike Vaughn's 7 month old Journey (FC AFC Snapper x Temper, MH) passed his first JH at the Rose Country, TX test, on his
quest to get his MH.

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General Information
Rainmaker Labradors-Bred and Tested for the Field
We have yellows, blacks and chocolates, including occasional fox reds, with field trial/hunt test titles and backgrounds. Our pups are home raised as if each were going to be our
own companion and field dog.

Please ask for directions to my house. GPS usually will not get you here.
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Fun Video of Puppy
Fetching A Beer
(Cedar puppy)

Rumor had her puppies with Hooli, MH,  Ready July 9th.
She had a bunch of chocolate boys so there
is one still
available, ready July 9th.

These are the last puppies we will have available until
winter.  Wager and Ransom will be home and available
for stud but no more breedings are planned for
ourselves for a while.